Nursing mothers be aware of guys that eat shit for ritual

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Nursing mothers be aware of guys that eat shit for ritual 

please nursing mothers are you hearing this for the first time that guys do eat shit for ritual mostly Gguys

that are desperate of having this money well this is a good signs of End time. Please i just want to give you a insight of what happen in auchi in edo state Nigeria. Two guys were in okada normally know as motorcycle and they have ring wish the baba have giving them to torch the man with as soon as they torch the man he began to feel some how and beg them to give him some time the man went into the bush to shit the guys quickly bring out bread to eat the shit


the guys explained how the man will die after 3days, because that was what the spiritualist told them. And they will start having money as never before.

so good nursing mother news as getting to us showcase9ja that thus guys seeking for shit go to waste  to collect baby diapers and eat what is in it this is really bad i mean bad .

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is good you know this and be aware of it gone are the days you true it any were please don’t do that any more, any baby shit they eat after 3days the bby dies so please be wise. because the so called YAHOO BOYS  that want to get rich at all cost are must ready to do any thing


with this story i believe you can keep your babe safe the world is so wicked at a time, thanks for reading this story about Nursing mothers be aware of guys that eat shit for ritual 



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