Tips On How To Make First Class In Your Department/University

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Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University

#  As a new student in the tertiary education/university that desire to have a first class in your school or your department you really need to read this post

# To put it bluntly, if you want to get a first class degree you have to be prepared to put in maximum effort – this isn’t for the faint hearted.

# Every serious student that gains admission into tertiary institutions has the aim of graduating with a first class/distinction degree but the reality shows that the number of first class students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions is on the decline. Nigeria Education Portal * gives steps which if diligently followed will enable every student who aspires to make a first class in school to do so with ease.


The people who end up achieving are the people who have a passionate desire – minus the sloppy music and cinema style kisses – to do the best they can. 

 here are the Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University

1. Learn in a way that works for you. Everyone learns best in different ways; this is called a learning style.
Find a way that works for you and try to learn that way as much as you can. You’ll have more control over this when you study at home, but you can also talk to your teacher about adjusting how the lessons are taught to include more variety for different style learners.

  • For example, have you noticed that it’s really easy for you to remember charts or pictures? This means you might be a visual learner, which means you should use more images and pictures in order to learn. An example of this would be if you drew yourself a chart to memorize the parts of speech.
  • Maybe you’ve noticed that you have an easier time studying when you listen to music quietly or that you can’t remember what your teacher wrote on the board but you can “hear” what they said in your head as if they were in the room now. This means you might be an auditory learner, which means you learn better with sound. An example of this would be if you record your teacher when they’re talking so that you can listen to it while you do your homework or study.
  • Maybe you’ve noticed that, during a lesson, you feel like you still want to pay attention but you really need to stand up or move around. Maybe you pace around your room while you study. This might mean that you are a kinesthetic learner, which means you learn better when you’re doing things with your body. Try playing with a piece of clay in your hand while your teacher talks.

Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University

2. research is a key part to be a first-class student .

If you have the attitude of ‘I’ve been to my lectures and seminars, I’m done’, then you may as well quit now.

You have to make an effort and you do that by digging out books, searching for journals and articles and searching the famed world wide web.

shrew-clip-art-1-look_it_up_TTo get a first class degree you have to read around your topic (outside of the reading list) and interpret the ideas for yourself – always be critical as while your lecturer may not agree it shows you are driven by the subject.

*The majority of students who achieve firsts will spend hours and hours researching and pooling together critical opinions with their own thoughts.

*Don’t fret about spending ‘hours’ researching, though. Chop up your time and slot an hours reading in here and there.

*It’s hard to specify how far in advance you should do your research, as long as you don’t find yourself there on Monday night poring through ten different books on astrology when your deadline is Wednesday you’ll be fine.

3. Pay attention.

The best thing that you can do to become the best student in any class is pay attention when your teacher is talking. If you get distracted you might miss important information and you’ll have a harder time understanding what to do or when you have to study later.

  • If you’re having trouble staying focused when your teacher is talking, try sitting in the front and participating more in the class. Raise your hand and ask questions when you don’t understand something or when your teacher says something interesting and you want to know more about it.

Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University


4. Make the library your best friend

Use the library – and not just as a place to sit in despair the day before your assignment is in.

Once you’ve dragged all your books back to your dwelling place, read, read and re-read if you don’t understand something.

Don’t just rely on the internet as a source of all wisdom; the best students will use a range of different sources from ancient textbooks to online journals.

First-class assignments use critical sources wisely. Whatever you do, don’t drop a critic’s name without a reason. You’ll get sussed.

Understanding the critics and making a decision whether you support or oppose their views is extremely important.

In the case of a written essay, a first class degree student will suggest one of their own ideas and then use critical sources to support them, not the other way round.

5. Get serious from the first day
It is common for students to get carried away with the euphoria of gaining admission into higher institution that they forget the major reason why they are in school. It is essential to start building your grade point from the first day so as to avoid playing catch up afterwards.

6. Learn how to take notes.
Taking notes (and taking notes well) can be tricky, but it will make it much easier for you to learn and study, which means your grades will get better and your test scores will improve so you’re the best student in your class. Just remember, you don’t have to write down everything your teacher says. Just write down the most important things and the things you know you’ll have a hard time remembering.

7.Don’t build serious relationships with the opposite sex
It is very essential to keep only platonic relationships with the opposite sex while in school. This might be very difficult especially if you are a pretty lady or a handsome guy but the truth is if you keep any serious relationships, it will eat out of your valuable time you would have spent studying.

8. Look for extra ways to learn. Learning stuff that isn’t included in your classes can help you understand the information you do cover a lot better and it can also really impress your teacher. Pursuing information in a way that follows your interests can also help you stay focused in class. Look for more ways to learn about all of the subjects you study and you’ll find that all of school is more interesting and that you’re more and more successful.

  • For example, if you’re studying American history, you can watch documentaries online to learn even more about the era you’re learning about.
  • You can learn by studying books from your local library and you can also learn a lot online. While Wikipedia isn’t always accurate, it’s usually pretty good. You can also find documentaries and educational videos on YouTube, like the popular shows Crash Course and TedTalks.
  • Learn when school is out of session too. Keep learning during the summer, on the weekends, and start preparing for your next year of school as early as you can by finding out what kind of stuff you’ll study. As for the summers, just reviewing the information you already learned for just two or three hours three or four times over the course of the whole summer can help make sure that you’re ready when the school year starts.

9. Study earlier. One of the most effective ways to get better scores on tests is to start studying and preparing for the test as early as possible. Definitely don’t leave it until the night before. The harder the test will be, the earlier you should start studying. Two or three weeks is usually a good starting point.

Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University

10.Put God first
Always remember that God is the owner of all knowledge and gives only to those who he wishes to. Learn to always put God first before every lecture, test or exam. He is the only one who can see you through and please take note of this, it mean be the list in this tips on how to make first class but sure its the number one thing you should do as a student 


please take out your precious time to read this wonderful post i believe it will guild you to your dream of becoming a first class student in your school. and please free free to use the comment box for further assistance

Tips On How To Make  First Class In Your Department/University

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